Customer Support Team

Hytec strives to work closely with all of our customers, to offer personalized solutions to support your field service operations.

Account Manager - Northeast

Aixa Ledee
Extension: 3015

Account Manager - Northwest

Bonita Keith
Extension: 3046

Account Manager - Southeast

Derek S. Haberman
Extension: 3066

Account Manager - Southwest

Rene Karr
Extension: 3044

Customer Relations, OEM Team

Cody Taylor
Extension: 3048

Customer Service Representative

Neisha Figueroa
Extension: 3023

OEM Customer Service Representative

Isabel Caraballo
Extension: 3115

Sales Manager, Dealer Division

Emily Rodriguez
Extension: 3013

Sales Manager, OEM Division

Ramona Rodriguez
Extension: 3064

Strategic Sales Representative

Brian Mullaney
Extension: 3027